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Easy Steps To Clean Your Face After Using Face Painting

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Celebrating Halloween is incomplete if you don’t apply makeup with various characters by using face painting san diego service. This will certainly be an exciting and fun activity. But make sure you don’t forget about cleaning your face after the party ends. Especially those of you who use liquid latex or face painting products that require extra steps when cleaning your face compared to daily makeup. In order to keep your face condition healthy and beautiful and free from various kinds of skin problems, here are some things that must be considered when cleaning your face:

1. Know the type of makeup used
Not a few people who buy various Halloween make up products or face painting, without reading the instructions or description of the product. Even though knowing various product contents is very important to do. Besides being able to find suitable cleaning products, you can also avoid various possible allergies or irritations, especially for those of you who have sensitive faces. So that the process of cleaning the face becomes easier, you should use water-based makeup products. Also avoid using food coloring, because it requires extra effort to remove it. Although food coloring will disappear using soap, toothpaste, alcohol, and baking soda, ingredients high in acid content should not be used on facial skin.

2. Have the right remover product
You should also have prepared all the types of makeup remover needed. Such as cleansing balm, oil cleansing, face cleanser and various supporting products such as cotton buds, cotton, and a washcloth. Specifically for using liquid latex and adhesive or spirit gum to glue wigs to additional fake noses, make sure you have an adhesive remover product so that no remaining products stick. For liquid latex, you can clean it using a combination of soap and water.

3. Take advantage of supporting products
After releasing all latex on your face, you can start doing a double cleansing step. Rub the cleansing balm or cleansing oil evenly on the face until the makeup wears off. As for the eye area, pour a few drops of eye remover on the cotton and paste it in the eye area for 10 seconds, then clean it with a gentle circular motion.