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Groot Watch: It Is Watches That Made Of Bones

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In general, watches are made of leather, canvas or stainless steel. But Groot Watch brings a different idea, namely a watch made of bone material. This idea is unique and bold. There aren’t many domestic or foreign watch manufacturers who try this idea. Apart from that, if you’re looking for high-quality hamilton watches instead, we recommend you to only check out the trusted and licensed online watch stores.

The maker is inspired by the waste of bone that is there. Much is wasted and unused from slaughterhouse waste. In addition, he was also motivated that wooden watches were acceptable in the community. With bone material, he also sees the same potential.

The bones chosen for Groot Watch raw materials are cow bones, thighs and buffalo horns. He did this after almost 1 year of research. So, in the end, it can ensure that the Groot Watch product can be strong, safe and durable to use.

Making watches is not easy and difficult. Details and tidiness in the manufacturing process are very much considered. Done manually by local craftsmen, so that it can add positive value to the community around the location of the watchmaking.