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These “Harmless” Items Should Not Be Left In Your Car

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There are a number of dangerous items if left in a car that you usually take for granted. From now on, you should always keep the cabin interior of your car always neat and clean! When you park somewhere, usually consciously or not, you leave some luggage in the car. Meksipun looks small and less valuable items, it turns out a number of dangerous items if left in the car. Some car owners think that dangerous items if left in the car are cellphones, bags or purses. There is nothing wrong with that because all three items can invite crime if left in the car and seen by others. Apart from that, if the interior of your car is dirty and damaged, then you may want to clean and restore it at the car detailing orlando near Orlando, FL.

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However, there are actually three other items that are also dangerous if you leave them in the car. These items are often overlooked because they look harmless. Here are the 3 items that you should not leave in your car:

1. Gas Match

I the gas is exposed to heat it will increase gas pressure and melt the plastic container, or in the most extreme conditions, gas matches can explode and cause fires in your car.

2. Beverages in Plastic Packaging

While on the road, you may often bring drinks of mineral water or soft drinks wrapped in plastic bottles. Because the water in it hasn’t run out, you don’t immediately throw the bottle away. You also hope you can use it later.

Even when the bottle is exposed to sunlight when the car is parked, a chemical reaction from the plastic will occur. The chemical solution will be mixed with water and will be dangerous if taken by you.

3. Lipstick

This is a warning to female drivers for dangerous items if left in the car. Never leave lipstick or other cosmetic equipment in the car. Because if the car is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, then the lipstick will melt and pollute your car’s cabin. Stains from lipstick or cosmetics include stains that are difficult to remove.