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You Must Remember This When You Want To Go Camping

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Camping can mean stinging heat or rain flooding, mosquitoes and leeches, poisonous mushrooms and poison ivy. In other words: not all camp areas are created equally. Not many people know that the camp environment has an important role in the success of your camping adventure. Learn deeply about your destination, how the plant ecosystem and animal life (the presence or absence of wild animals) before you actually go camping, by browsing the official site of the campsite or in online forums. The official campsites can also provide you with and general information about the rules and regulations of the camping area, costs, and the flora and fauna life in it. Remember that by choosing the right place, your camping experience can be one of your good times .

The area where you plant your tent pegs is also important to study from a distance. Beginner campers are often trapped in un-strategic camping areas – without shade, grass and other traffic areas for campers. A good tent area has shade (twigs or large trees), grass and flat land.

Also, bring a compass and a manual map – and the ability to use it – and make GPS an alternative reinforcement (which is actually unreliable in the wild and easily damaged). Do not also easily believe in the myth of the people that the moss that grows in the north of a tree means the sun will rise on the east side of the tree, and following the river downstream guarantees civilization. Moss grows in damp places, and the sun can only be seen rising in the east if you are at a certain height.

Finally, don’t forget to bring the first aid kit. Even with all the precautions you have taken, you will not be immune from blisters. With all physical activities such as tracking, hiking, and running, someone will definitely get hurt. Make sure you always have a first aid kit with antibacterial ointments and bandages.

However, there was no need to carry dozens of wound plasters and endless bandage rolls. Carry a stock of medicines such as ibuprofen, Benadryl, and hydrocortisone cream. All three are multipurpose nonprescription drugs for all situations, such as headaches, muscle pulls, insect bites, to red rashes on the skin.