How to Manage Application Software Development

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It is undeniable, now the role of IT in the business world has become a necessity, so how to manage application development needs special tips, and again in today’s world if there are companies or businesses that do not use IT it feels like it’s left behind. On this occasion, we will invite readers to give an overview of several alternatives that can be taken to develop their own application software, or outsourcing and how to choose it. You can visit to know about our service.

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Creating software is not as easy as imagined. Not enough to call one programmer or more then they are given the task of making a program. Sometimes it happens that after a year of work, the programmer moves to another company. The problem is, sometimes the results of this work are carried out or some are deleted because the software is the result of his creation.

As a result, when a replacement programmer continues the inheritance of his work he will need a long time to learn it. The results are clear, not cost savings, but rather cost overruns, plus time losses. Reflecting on the above events, then the question arises, how do you manage good software development?

1. Source Code Management
Management of the source code is intended so that versioning can be done. Every time there is a version change, the old version will still be saved as a backup. There is also a need for security that ensures that only good source code can be compiled and tested. Every version change is needed to record the changes made and the reasons for the changes so that in the future no mistakes have been made.

2. Bug Report
When testing a program, every bug found is written in a bug report. In the bug report the steps for the bug must also be written, to make it easier for the programmer to find bugs. This report bug is given a description, also about the level of seriousness of the bug which is usually called the severity. In addition to bug severity, the bug report needs to be given a priority number. The priority number is used by the programmer to determine which one must be repaired first.