These Are The Tribal And Natural-Looking Photo Booth Themes That You May Try

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Do you want a unique photo booth? Are you like to make popular macrame decoration? Why not use the decoration that you made as a backdrop in your wedding photo booth. Simply hang them together on an old log then add a few strands of lace, ribbon or fake fur to perfect the look. Install the chair in front of this boho-themed backdrop decoration and voila, be a cool and Instagramable photo booth. Aside from that, if you want to hire professional photo booth experts, we recommend you to call the best photo booth rental san diego, ca.

Besides the Boho theme, there are several other tribal and natural photo booth themes that you can try, such as:

Photo booth with Indian tents

Not only for children, but this Indian-style tent can also be used as a photo spot on sacred weddings. To create a vintage tent themed photo booth, you can use old chairs, unfinished wooden tables, used wooden boxes and lace fabrics to make the tent.

If you like a theme that is more girly, you can choose tent fabric according to your favorite color, add rugs or chairs, various cushions, and fresh flowers to make it look elegant.

Photo booth with carnation flower curtains

Besides carnations, you can also use other flowers to make flower curtains like this. Hang it on the ceiling, or use wood to hang it if the roof on your wedding is too high. For the shape of the flower, the curtain to be perpendicular, use a fishing line instead of an ordinary rope.

3D photo booth themed tropical plants

The prestige of the plant or more precisely the tropical leafy plants that are rising nowadays, you can use it as a photo booth backdrop too. Instead of arranging the plants on the floor, as usual, make a living vertical wall using tropical leafy plants such as ferns, deer antlers, dollars and so on.

You can also use artificial trees with thick leaves to add the impression of a ‘tropical forest’, then garnish with a variety of flowers or butterflies hanging from a ribbon.